Foldable Gizzo Grill
Foldable Barbecue Grill
Foldable Barbecue Grill
Foldable Barbecue Grill
Portable Gizzo Grill
Foldable Gizzo Grill

Gizzo Grill

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Gizzo is making grilling easier than ever before. We are truly passionate about bringing the best experience for grilling enthusiasts like ourselves. An owner of the portable Gizzo Grill has no limitations when it comes to preparing some grilled goods.

This easy to carry around foldable and portable grill can be installed anywhere you want within minutes! Even with its compact size the cooking space is big enough to feed several people. If you have some grilling tools laying around the house already, but you need a high quality BBQ grill that will serve you for years, Gizzo Grill is the perfect choice for you!

  • Set-up in 2 minutes
  • Cool-down under 10 minutes
  • Size: 47 x 31 x 55 cm
  • Cooking Space: 212 sq. in
  • Weight: 9,6 kg / 21 lb
  • Made in Latvia

Included: Gizzo Grill + 8x easy clean foil pans + eco fire starter cubes + BBQ case