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8x Easy Clean Foil Pans

The Easy Clean Foil Pans are a perfect addition to the Gizzo Grill. A simple aluminum foil pan will save you a whole lot...
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BBQ Pan + 4x Sliding Skewers

The combination of the The Gizzo BBQ Pan and 4 BBQ Sliding Skewers won’t give you the steakhouse setting, but it will give you...
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BBQ Tool Set

Make grilling easy with Gizzo BBQ Tools. Barbecue delicious meals with this handy tool set, which is made from professional heavy duty stainless steel...
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BBQ Tool Set & BBQ Gloves

The combination of the Gizzo BBQ Tools and BBQ Gloves will give you the tools to grill like a professional chef whilst keeping your...
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Chimney Starter Charcoal Grate

Chimney Starter Charcoal Grate is one the most thought out pieces in Gizzo Grill sets. Its' special chimney starter allows you to quickly fire...
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Cooking Grate

The Cooking Grate is the perfect place to place your cooking surfaces on - Grill Grates, frying pans or other tools. It fits perfectly...
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Eco Fire Starter

Dancoal Eco Firestarter is the product everyone needs when going on outdoor grilling adventures. It is the fastest way to get your grill heating...
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Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Gizzo Grill gift card. Gift...
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Gizzo Basic

Gizzo is making grilling easier than ever before. We are truly passionate about bringing the best experience for grilling enthusiasts like ourselves. An owner...
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Gizzo BBQ Gloves

Gizzo Barbecue Gloves are an essential to your grilling experience. As people say – better safe than sorry. So many people suffer from burns...
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Gizzo BBQ Pan

The Gizzo BBQ Pan is perfect for cooking smaller pieces and chunks of food without the risk of them falling between the grates. It...
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Gizzo Chef

The Gizzo Grill Chef Set is perfect for someone who wants to feel like a professional griller at all times. If you are someone who...
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Gizzo Grill

Made in Europe

Few years ago the portable BBQ grills available on the market were either too large or too fragile so that they took a lot of space in storage, broke down within a few uses or got covered in rust. Grilling enthusiasts ourselves, we came up with a solution. We put our expertise into practice to design Gizzo grill, a portable and folding grill made to treat you to heavenly grilled food in all your outdoor adventures.

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