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Gizzo Basic

Gizzo is making grilling easier than ever before. We are truly passionate about bringing the best experience for grilling enthusiasts like ourselves. An owner...
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€129.00 €89.00

Gizzo Starter

This set is a good start for the outdoor grilling experience. With the reliable Gizzo Grill you can cook the most mouth-watering grilled meat and...
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€149.00 €109.00

Gizzo Skewers

The Gizzo Grill Skewer Set is perfect for someone who enjoys grilling by using skewers. Experimenting, mixing and matching chunks of meat and veggies...
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€159.00 €119.00

Gizzo Chef

The Gizzo Grill Chef Set is perfect for someone who wants to feel like a professional griller at all times. If you are someone who...
€165.00 €125.00

Gizzo GrillGrate

The Gizzo Grill & GrillGrate Surface set is perfect for the meat lovers out there. If you are looking for grilling steaks, burgers or...
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€175.00 €135.00

Gizzo Full Set

The Gizzo Full Set is the ultimate BBQ Grill for a grill lover! Enjoy your outdoor adventures and feel the amazing grilling experience with...
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€199.00 €159.00

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Gizzo Grill

Made in Europe

Few years ago the portable BBQ grills available on the market were either too large or too fragile so that they took a lot of space in storage, broke down within a few uses or got covered in rust. Grilling enthusiasts ourselves, we came up with a solution. We put our expertise into practice to design Gizzo grill, a portable and folding grill made to treat you to heavenly grilled food in all your outdoor adventures.

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