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7 Reasons Guys Are Loving Gizzo Grill

Among other things, a reliable and portable grill improves your outdoor adventures and experience. It is easy to carry and move around, set up and stored after use. Even more, it is easy to clean and preserve. Let us introduce you to seven reasons why you will enjoy using the Gizzo Grill.  Proudly Made in Northern Europe Before now, the portable BBQ grills in the market were either too big or too fragile. They consumed too much space, broke down after a while and were often easily covered in rust. Being grilling enthusiasts, we devised a solution to the problem of size and fragility. We designed the Gizzo Grill – a technological wonder – which is practically a grill that is...

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Tailgating Gear You Need for the Best Parking Lot Adventure

Air horns blowing left and right, the classic beer ads, crowd going crazier with the timer ticking to an end, and… it’s a wonderful day of sports. Almost. An important part of a tailgating adventure is the camping part. And to make it so much more enjoyable, make sure to take this tailgating gear with you when you go go. For you non-Americans, tailgating is the tradition of serving food and drinks from the back of a pickup truck. Getting back on truck… I mean track, it’s obvious that tailgating is very flexible and varies based on your tastes. Some bring wine while some bring beer. So leaving those specifics out, here are some great tailgating gear, ideas, and tips...

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Small Charcoal Grills - the 29 BEST Grills to Fire up your Adventure

Many people do not live in big houses with large acreage and space around them to be able to enjoy a great cookout. That’s why small charcoal grills are essential to enjoying your summer from your apartment, boat or any other patio in tight space. The market is full of manufacturers and brands that offer a wide range of small charcoal grills. To make it easier, we’ve done the research for you and made a list of the best 29 BBQ grills so you could choose the one that fits your condo. Small Charcoal Grills For Camping If you love to travel and stay at camping sites or anywhere you can build your tent, these seven small charcoal grills for...

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