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Chimney Starter Charcoal Grate

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Chimney Starter Charcoal Grate

Cool-down under 10 minutes

Gizzo foldable grill is a MUST-HAVE outdoor cooking accessory designed for your convenience.


Just take out of the Carrying Case, unfold and have your sturdy folding charcoal grill ready to use in just 60 seconds!

Fire Up Your Adventures

Whether you’re setting off on a camping weekend, a relaxing day on the beach or you’re planning the next tailgate, garden, backyard or patio grill party, this grilling tool is for you!

Proudly Made In Europe

Grilling enthusiasts ourselves, we came up with a solution. We put our expertise into practice to design Gizzo Grill, a portable and folding grill made to treat you to heavenly grilled food in all your outdoor adventures. 

Chris Chamberlain


Take Your Grill Game on the Go with the Gizzo Portable BBQ Grill

Between college bowl games plus the NFL season entering the home stretch, it’s prime tailgating season! Cooking outdoors can be problematic in winter, so you need smart convenient solutions. The innovative Gizzo Portable BBQ Grill could just be the answer.

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