Barbecue 5 tools set + heat resistant bbq gloves gift set
5 small bbq tool set
Heat resistant bbq gloves
BBQ tool case

BBQ Tool Set & BBQ Gloves

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The combination of the Gizzo BBQ Tools and BBQ Gloves will give you the tools to grill like a professional chef whilst keeping your hands safe. Barbecue delicious meals with a high-quality tool set. It will help you to conquer your food without grilling your hands in the process.

The toolset consists of 5 tools – a spatula, a BBQ fork and a brush, and a knife – everything you need to prepare the grilled foods you love and enjoy. All of the tools except the BBQ brush have hanging hooks so you can attach them to the grill to keep them at an easy reach.

This product can also make the perfect gift for that special man or woman in your life. The gloves will make protecting your hands from burns easier than ever. Just slip on the gloves and you are ready to handle grates, the BBQ Pan, or even shift some coal. These gloves can withstand temperatures up to 650℉ (340℃), but keep in mind that they are not meant for holding hot items for too long. You can even use our gloves as potholders or heat trivets for added convenience and versatility.

  • One size fits most
  • Size of the Tools: 28cm / 11in