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Gizzo Grill - Laptop Sized Portable Camping Grill

Compactness is the deal in this age. We are done revering gigantic contraptions. And what’s the point in having something so big and heavy when the same purpose can be performed by something compact and light?

Following that reason, a grill has been created. It is of the size of an average laptop and can fit in your bag just like it. But the reduction in size is not the only thing that this grill boasts. It is much more than that.

It Is Aptly Functional

The performance of a grill made of steel and everything that is heavy is being offered by Gizzo Grill. Weighing only 6,8 kg, it can cook up your food more efficiently than any other grill out there. Compactness doesn’t mean reduction in functions, and this is what GG proves.

It is portable to every extent; can be folded into the dimensions of 30 cm by 47 cm, and be carried anywhere without the need of any special mechanisms. But that doesn’t limit its functionality. The space offered is more than enough to cook 8 burgers simultaneously and also all the other good things like pizza, or steak. Whatever the options of grilling, you can have it done on this miniature grill without worrying about its taste.

Gizzo Grill Coast side

It’s Portable

When set up, the height of the main compartment reaches up to 58 cm or 22.8”. This height is inevitably achieved with the help of four legs that can be unfolded under the grill. Once the supports are unfolded, you can set up the grill by unfolding and clamping all the four sides of it. All you’d have to do then is to put the coal foil in the bottom and the grates on the top. The time that it takes to be in the position we stated is only 20 seconds. So, there isn’t much hassle about numerous parts or any bolts or anything to seize them in place.


It Makes Good Food


Grilling steak on gizzo grill

Cooking any type of food on a grill requires attention on your part and appropriate heat deliverance on the part of your grill. This is something that has been paid heed to in making of the Gizzo Grill. The height between the chimny starter grate and the grates has been kept to a standard that can deliver appropriate heat for the food to cook.

This way, no matter if you are grilling nachos or burgers, every food would be cooked all the while preserving the juicy goodness in it.

It Is Easy To Use

Other grills have two major problems:

  1. a) They take hours to cool down,
  2. b) They are made of materials which are hard to clean.

Since Gizzo Grill is no less than an innovation in the BBQ gear, these problems have been completely eliminated. Once you’re done with cooking, it takes merely 5 to 10 minutes to cool. Also, when it comes to cleaning, the easy clean foil pan, grates, least the grilling compartment itself are made of materials that do not pose problems for the user.

Thus, with that, what you get is a grill that you can use for cooking and pack it after less than 15 minutes to go elsewhere – no major hassles.

No Other Grill Can Beat Its Purpose


Gizzo Grill in Beach

Well, apart from easing the process of cooking, it is created to enhance the overall experience of the outdoor cooking. It is true that majority of the people have a soft corner for going out on a picnic, but they stop short because of the burden of supplies that they’d have to carry.

This is particularly what this grill targets.

It reduces all the efforts you’d have to do when carrying a grill making you able to focus more on spending quality time with your loved ones.

So, whether it is a park, a city center, some mountain, or just in the middle of a long journey, Gizzo Grill, the one and only portable grill is going to serve you rightly.


Portable Gizzo Grill Made in Europe

SPICE UP YOUR NATURE EXPLORATIONS with high-end Gizzo charcoal bbq grill in the stunning portable design! It is a foldable charcoal grill to prepare mouth-watering ribs, chicken wings, steak and burgers and treat your guests like royalty in the Sunday barbecue, the patio, garden or tailgating party or your refreshing day on the beach.

Gizzo Grill



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