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Gizzo Grill: The Perfectly Portable Charcoal Grill for Your Car, RV or Van

Try a camping grill that's easily transported between urban or rural locations. A culinary masterpiece is on the horizon.

You're a big fan of barbecuing, but your situation doesn't match well with those huge grills at the local stores. Living out of your RV or running around in a van all day long makes an outdoor BBQ a ridiculous notion. However, you have a solution with the latest design in cool camping gear. Get to know Gizzo Grill so that your barbecue craving can be quenched today.

Foldable Charcoal BBQ Grill

Elegant Design

You have everything you need with a Gizzo car grill. When it's fully assembled, it has a grill and two platforms for your dishes and utensils. Hang your tongs on the grill's platform so that you can have a conversation. The food continues to cook above a charcoal space that's designed with ample airflow.

The Gizzo's elegant design allows it to fit into any decor or situation. Bring it out on an RV trip or simply drive it to a location in your car. Its dark-gray hue makes it attractive in anyone's eyes.

Foldable Gizzo Grill

Futuristic Folds

You're probably accustomed to hauling around grills that are cumbersome and oddly designed. Portable Folding Charcoal BBQ Gizzo Grill is completely different because it folds up into a laptop shape. Simply discard the coals into the proper receptacle, and fold the grill up. It might be mistaken for a laptop if you set it aside. Store it away and hit the road. This grill can be used in almost any outdoor location.

Carrying Ease

You aren't stuck holding a laptop grill either. The Gizzo designers knew that this situation would be frustrating so they added a carrying case to the package. Zip the grill into the case and carry it along with your other belongings. Whip it out for those impromptu meetings with friends. They'll never realize that you have a small grill until you start up the charcoal.

Laptop Size BBQ Grill

Easy Cleaning

The Gizzo's exterior is perfectly smooth, which makes it easy to wipe down whenever necessary. Grease and soot are no match for this grill. Because you can fold it away, you definitely want to wipe it down after each use. You'll prolong the grill's lifespan and thrill your loved ones with a cooking space that doesn't have caked-on debris at every meal.

Buy Gizzo grill today. You'll wonder how you ever functioned without it. It's a wonder that can be stored away whenever you don't need it.

Moving around in your RV, van or car just got more interesting with a portable BBQ grill by your side.


Portable Gizzo Grill Made in Europe

SPICE UP YOUR NATURE EXPLORATIONS with high-end Gizzo charcoal bbq grill in the stunning portable design! It is a foldable charcoal grill to prepare mouth-watering ribs, chicken wings, steak and burgers and treat your guests like royalty in the Sunday barbecue, the patio, garden or tailgating party or your refreshing day on the beach.

Gizzo Grill



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