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Starter Set

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This set is a good start for the outdoor grilling experience.

Yes, you have a little less tools to grill your food to master level, but that won’t stop you from getting the amazing grilling experience with your outdoor adventures.

With the reliable Gizzo Grill you can cook the most mouth-watering grilled meat and veggies for your friends and family without a fuss. This grill is as small as a laptop when folded, easy to carry around and can be set-up whilst camping, laying on the beach or going on a road trip.

Enjoy the perfect blend of quality, convenience and durability with this foldable outdoor BBQ grill. It will last you for years as it is made from sturdy materials, that won’t rust away like most cheaply-made grills.

The set-up? It will take you just under 2 minutes, so you can make the most of your outdoor activities. With the Gizzo Grill Starter Set you can get the first taste of the Gizzo experience. And we are sure that you will want to upgrade to the extent of the Full Set pretty soon after.

  • Set-up in 2 minutes
  • Cool-down under 10 minutes
  • Size: 47 x 31 x 55 cm
  • Weight: 10,9kg / 23lb
  • Made in Latvia

Gizzo Starter set includes: side tables + 8x easy clean foil pans + BBQ gloves + eco fire starter cubes + BBQ case


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