8x Easy Clean Foil Pans for barbecue
BBQ Foil Pans for charcoal grill
Easy Clean Grill Foil Pans for outdoor barbecue
8x Easy Clean Foil Pans for BBQ Grill

8x Easy Clean Foil Pans

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The Easy Clean Foil Pans are a perfect addition to the Gizzo Grill. A simple aluminum foil pan will save you a whole lot of maintenance, like cleaning up charcoal after grilling. No one likes to do that and it is messy and takes time. By using these pans you will keep your grill clean without a fuss.

Every time you grill, you put one just below the Gizzo Chimney Charcoal Grate to collect all the ashes from the burnt coal. After your outdoor event or barbecue party, simply throw out the foil pan. Your Gizzo Grill will be clean and ready for the next grilling event right away.

  • Fit perfectly to Gizzo Grill
  • Disposable and recyclable
  • Pack of 8 psc