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Gizzo Grill will launch Kickstarter campaign for first backpack grill

On 15th June, 2017 Latvian company LLC “Gizzo” is launching new product and introducing world with first portable backpack grill, which aims to give an easier way how to make food outdoors. Backpacking and grilling finally are two compatible concepts. “Gizzo Grill” is made for camping trips, backpacking and other adventures in the nature. Comfort is a priority that is why “Gizzo”weighs only 3,7 kg, is 58 cm high when it is assembled, has cooking area for 8 burgers and is simple to use. Unlike any of its predecessors, “Gizzo Grill” is a traveling companion that provides an ergonomic solution to the traveler needs who often are searching for a easier way how to prepare food, is simple to use...

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