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Tailgating Gear You Need for the Best Parking Lot Adventure

Air horns blowing left and right, the classic beer ads, crowd going crazier with the timer ticking to an end, and… it’s a wonderful day of sports.


An important part of a tailgating adventure is the camping part. And to make it so much more enjoyable, make sure to take this tailgating gear with you when you go go.

For you non-Americans, tailgating is the tradition of serving food and drinks from the back of a pickup truck.

Getting back on truck… I mean track, it’s obvious that tailgating is very flexible and varies based on your tastes. Some bring wine while some bring beer. So leaving those specifics out, here are some great tailgating gear, ideas, and tips to make your next parking lot adventure memorable and flavorful.

1. Slice, marinate and pack your foods

    tailgaiting gear you need for your adventures

    Get your tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions, and other veggies sliced up and packed in an air-tight box or wrapped in plastic.

    Marinate your chicken, beef, turkey, or whatever else other meat on your keto food list you relish. And do it the night before to give it enough time.

    Add some chips, potato sticks, and sorts to the list if you’d like to munch on something crispy while sippin’ on the adult drinks.

    2. Get some cool drinking gear

      Speaking of adult drinks, get a few cool gadgets and up your drinking game.

      First, it’s the nerdy (the alcohol nerd kind) beer helmet/hat. Load in a couple beers (or even Jack and Coke) on top and slurp it while you “discuss” sports with ya fellas. Or if you’re more of backpack person, then there’s the beer backpack for you.

      Perhaps you so badly wanna drink your beer out of a bottle. Of course, you can open that Budweiser with your teeth or you can use a fancy a$& bottle opener.

      what to pack for tailgaiting

      Oh and also buy a yoga tote. Okay I kid, I kid! Buy an insulated drink cooler that looks like a yoga tote or if you want you can check out canvas tote bags.

      3.The rules of packing your ice-cooler box


        At the bottom, you’ll want your cans and bottles with sauces and drinks so that they may stay cool for a longer period of time.

        At the top, keep your water-tight food packages such as in zip-lock plastic bags. Don’t stack too much weight on them.

        Between these two, if you have space, store your foods in plastic boxes or aluminum containers or similar. This is an ideal spot for your marinated meat.

        Oh, and freeze a few water bottles in the fridge and drink cold water as it melts. This way, you can save this space for something else in the box cooler.

        4. Remember to collect your half-burnt charcoal

        tailgaiting gear

          Take a Gizzo easy-clean foil pan with your grill and use it as the base below your charcoal grill. This will collect the ashes at the bottom and the half-burnt or unburnt charcoal will remain on the grill. All that’s left to do is for you to dispose the easy-clean foil with ashes and collect the coal from above. You could also take a bucket for collecting the charcoal or dirty dishes.

          5. Load up portable canopy, chairs, table, and of course, the grill

          Ultimate tailgaiting grill

            Grills are great but, portable grills are greater! Even more so when you’re out and about camping on the back of your truck in the football arena parking lot.

            Say goodbyes to moving large, heavy grill carts around. Now you can set up a portable collapsible charcoal grill out of a backpack, thanks to Gizzo.

            While enjoying the grill, you wouldn’t want yourself or your friends and guests to get sunburnt before the game even starts, would ya? So, take a portable canopy with you so that you can extend the trunk of your truck with a nice little shed.

            And take a few foldable chairs and tables and eat with the same comfort as in your backyard.

            6. Don’t forget your grill tools

            tailgaiting grill tools

              Ideally, keep the second set of grill tools in your car/truck; one set beside what you have at home. Many a time on a 10-hour drive, I’ve looked at the nice sunshine and longed for a good grill on the roadside. Then, I bought a second set of grill tools to keep in my car, and I’ve been a happy happy man every since.

              Go ahead; get yourself a nice and professional set of grill tools right here at Gizzo.

              7. Here’s what goes in the grill tools set

              tailgaiting gears

              If you’re not used to buying a fancy number of tools and stuff for your grill, here’s a tiny little list of things you’ll mostly need for a yum-yum grill.

              • Kitchen Tongs
              • Grill sticks or skewers
              • Spatulas
              • Lighters/matches
              • Toothpicks
              • Butter brush
              • Seasonings and spices

              8. Decorate yourself and your belongings

              ready to tailgait?

                Don’t be shy! Go on. Get some face-paints, stickers, decorations on your cooler box, high-soaring balloons, or even car decals. Let your imagination run wild and free; come up with wacky and creative ideas to display your love for your favorite team.

                After all, you’re going all the way over there to watch them play.

                Do all of this and you’ll likely make some friends over there. Now, isn’t that what sports are all about? Happy tailgating… the right kind of tailgating on the back of your truck. Cheers!

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