Small Gizzo BBQ Tool Set
Small BBQ Spatula
Small BBQ Fork
Small BBQ Knife

Small Gizzo BBQ Tool Set

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The Small Gizzo Tools Set will fulfill all your needs to do a masterful barbecue. From preparing your ingredients, cooking and moving them around the grill to serving the finished meal to your friends and family, this toolset will help you do it all.

This set consists of a stainless steel knife, a fork and a spatula – all BBQ tools with comfortable wooden handles. With a single knife, you can cut up packaging, cut and prep ingredients and smear butter or cream cheese on toast. A BBQ fork with two individually ground tines will give you that extra control whilst grilling delicious meals on the grill. It is great for turning food, doing prep work and serving.

The stainless steel spatula is perfect for flipping burgers, large pieces of meat, cooking eggs, pancakes or veggies on the BBQ pan with speed and dexterity. The indents in the spatula are meant for extra grip and you can also open a bottle of beer with it. All of these tools are multi-use and perfect for doing an outdoor barbecue party or cooking juicy pieces of meat in the oven at home.

Plus, all of them have a hanging hook, so you can attach it to your Gizzo Grill at hands reach.

Size of the Tools: 28cm / 11in