Gizzo Owners Guide and User manual

You can always download THE USER MANUAL HERE

If you lost your OWNERS GUIDE you can download it HERE

If you're on your way to fire up your adventure, scan this QR Code:


Open legs & unfold sides

Quick and easy snap open legs, unfold sides and then lay in special foil pan for easy cleaning


Insert Chimney starter grates

Insert special chimney starter grate. Lift sides and lock in pins for optimal Coal usage and best temperature with evenly lit coals.


Fire up Charcoals & lower grate sides

Fire up charcoals. Once all coals are started, pull pins to lower grates in position Allways USE Gloves!


Food grate and side tables

Put cooking food grate on and install useful side tables.


Cooking grooves and pan

Install cooking grooves and pan. Add them to the grill


Cooking utensils

Easily hook on cooking utensils: Spatula Brush Fork Tongs Knife

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