Our Story

Grilled Food Perfection Wherever You Are!
The refreshing weekend trip or the Sunday family gathering are turned into unforgettable memories over a plate of mouth -watering grilled burgers, ribs or chicken wings.

 To enjoy such an experience, you need a reliable portable grill that will be easily carried, effortlessly set up and stored in no time after use. 

Proudly Made in Latvia

Grilling enthusiasts ourselves, we soon came up with a sad reality: The portable bbq grills available on the market were either too bulky or cheaply-made products that broke down within a few uses, got covered in rust and gave us a hard time in storage. 

So, we decided to take things into our hands! In our facilities in Latvia, we put our expertise into practice to design and manufacture Gizzo Grill, a Portable, folding, collapsible grill made  to  treat  you  to  heavenly  grilled  food  in  all  your outdoor adventures.

Redefining Outdoor Grilling

We make our foldable charcoal grill compact, feather -Like and easy to install, to take off your shoulders the burden of carrying extra weight. 
Laptop sized and coming in a sturdy zippered carrying case, it will only take minimum space in your vehicle or will be tossed into your backpack to follow you on your nature explorations.
Quality -made, sturdy and long- lasting, Gizzo Grill makes a  must -have  grill  accessory  for  the  patio,   beach,  picnic,  camping,  hiking or  tailgate  party,  which  will  bring  together  family  or  loved  friends, spicing up their gatherings with a unique culinary experience!

Ready To Fire Up Your Adventures?