Barbecue gloves, small tongs and spatula with handle
barbecue gloves
Spatula with wooden handle
Small BBQ Tongs

BBQ Gloves + Tongs + Spatula

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The Gizzo BBQ Gloves, Tongs and Spatula are the accessories that will give you the control over your grilling experience. The gloves will make protecting your hands from burns easier than ever. Just slip on the gloves and you are ready to handle grates, the BBQ Pan, or even shift some coal. These gloves can withstand temperatures up to 650℉ (340℃), but keep in mind that they are not meant for holding hot items for too long. You can even use our gloves as potholders or heat trivets for added convenience and versatility Gizzo BBQ tongs can be used to lift and flip your meat and veggies on the grill easily and safely. You can avoid germs and prevent the risk of getting burns by using this versatile tool. Feel total control over every piece.

Using a fork instead of tongs for this can be quite a hassle and difficult, plus you will literally stab the piece, so the flavourful juices will be released making your grilled meal to dry out. Gizzo offers sturdy, heat resistant, anti-rust and light weight tongs that anyone can use for grilling corn, flipping burgers, fish or barbecue, serving salad and much more.

The stainless steel spatula is perfect for flipping burgers, large pieces of meat, cooking eggs, pancakes or veggies on the BBQ pan with speed and dexterity. It is a multi-use tool - perfect for doing an outdoor barbecue party or cooking juicy pieces of meat in the oven at home. The indents in the spatula are meant for extra grip and you can also open a bootle of beer with it. Plus, it has got a hanging hook, so you can attach it to your Gizzo Grill at a hands reach.

  • One size gloves fits most 
  • Size of spatula and tongs: 28cm / 11in