Gizzo Full Set
Even though Gizzo looks as small grill when folded, it is great camping BBQ grill when set-up. - Set-up &...
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Gizzo Starter Set
Enjoy a fresh BBQ wherever you go with Portable Gizzo Grill. The Gizzo Starter Set is perfect for campings, holidays...
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GrillGrate & BBQ pan
Gizzo’s stainless steel BBQ pan gives you the same great barbecue flavor without losing any of your food to the...
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Gizzo BBQ Tool Set 5pcs
With our beautifully crafted grilling accessories, not only will you be a master of the grill, but you’ll look like one...
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BBQ Easy Clean Foil Pan
Say goodbye to cleaning up charcoal after grilling. Keeping your grill clean is simple and cost-effective with our Gizzo Easy...
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The easiest way to get your food off the spit without shooting over the rim. Flat, sturdy extra-wide BBQ skewers with...
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€22,99 €11,99
Gizzo BBQ Gloves
Made to protect you from fire and heat while grilling your favorite food. Don't let the fire and heat spoil...
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