BBQ Pan + 4 Sliding Skewers gift set
Sliding kebab skewers and barbecue pan gift set
Sliding skewers

BBQ Pan + 4x Sliding Skewers

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The combination of the The Gizzo BBQ Pan and 4 BBQ Sliding Skewers won’t give you the steakhouse setting, but it will give you a lot of options to experiment with different flavours and cooking techniques.

The BBQ Pan is perfect for cooking smaller pieces and chunks of food without the risk of them falling between the grates. You can cook a variety of sweet and savory dishes, like, eggs, bacon, veggies and pancakes. This stainless steel pan is perfect for preparing something more fragile and it won’t make a mess. It has a non-stick surface, so both grilling and cleaning are easier.

The sturdy stainless steel skewers are flat and extra wide to make your food stay put and cook evenly. These slideable skewers are convenient for sliding the cooked pieces on to the plate with ease. Kebabs are always a crowd pleaser and a set like this would be a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves grilling them.

  • Each skewer 45 cm / 17,7 inch long & 1,7 cm / 0,6 inch wide